Ashford - Layout

Site Layout

Ashford has multiple layout options built into the theme.

  • Sidebar Left
  • Sidebar Right
  • No Sidebar / Full Width

These settings are site-wide, meaning whatever you choose here applies to all the pages and blog posts, unless you specify otherwise for a specific page.

To change these settings, go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Default Layout and select your preferred layout.

Blog Posts Layout

Additionally, you can select between two layout options for the blog posts 

  • Featured Post + Row
  • Featured Post + Grid

Featured Post + Row is the default layout. If you wish to change to the Featured + Grid layout, go to Customizer > Blog Layout. This setting will apply to the blog posts on the Home page and Blog page.

Enable Featured Images

In order for images to show with your blog excerpts you need to enable this feature under Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives. Below is a screenshot with the settings for the demo site. Please note all settings for Content Archives other than those under Featured Image and Entry Pagination are disregarded by the theme's Home Page set up.

You can add featured images to your posts by going to the individual post you'd like to edit, scroll down to the Featured Image section in the right-hand sidebar of the post editor. Insert the image you would like to show for the post. This image is used in the home page, slider, and featured post in the sidebar and Home - Bottom section. This image does NOT show in the post itself.

If you do not see the featured image option, scroll to the top of you the post editor and select Screen Options in the top right-hand corner to open the menu. Then check the box labeled Featured Image.