Common Issues: Featured Posts / Archive Alignment

Sometimes after a new theme has been installed, you might see issues where featured images or posts are not aligning correctly. Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Run Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

Each theme has pre-set image dimensions for images so that they fit correctly within a themes area. Whenever you install a new theme, you should run the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to resize your images.

Are your images large enough?

While the regenerate thumbnails plugin works 99% of the time, there's one thing it cannot do and that's make images larger than they are. An image meant to be 500 x 500 that is uploaded at 450 x 450 will not and can not be enlarged to suit the sizing. 

Make sure that you are uploading images that are large enough in order for them to work with your theme. You can find the theme's default image sizes in the Help Docs (first article under each theme) This might mean having to re-upload older images that are too small to fir the space.

If you are still seeing issues with things not aligning quite right, be sure to submit a support ticket and I'll be happy to look at the issue for you.